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All HCM E&N members are volunteers who have direct experience working with SAP solutions. Whether you’re a technical or business analyst, an end-user, an administrator or even a manager, you’re welcome to join our community. By sharing your expertise and unique experiences with our community, you can help all members.

We invite you to join HCM E&N to attend the conference and / or become an active member or of this community of HCM end-users from across Quebec and Ontario.

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1. Experts in our round tables / Speakers : 

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- Expert: Be an expert in one of our round tables and get the opportunity to talk about SAP, SAP SucccessFactors solutions or Business Transformation topics,


- Speaker: Host a conference and Speak About Your Expertise. 

2. Participants

Have an exclusive experience with our experts. Share and learn everything you may need to know about SAP, SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Business Transformation. 

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HCM E&N Event 2019

Scena, Pavillon Jacques-Cartier, Quai Jacques-Cartier, Montreal Old Port
October 24, 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



Human Capital Management is a critical business component, that even today, is ever evolving and expanding. It’s become commonplace for companies to use leading software solutions, such as, SAP or SAP SuccessFactors to increase the productivity of their teams, accurately measure performance and enhance the management of their Administration, Human Resources and Payroll departments.

Human Capital Management Education and Networking (HCM E&N) is an annual conference with the mission to share SAP, SAP SuccessFactors and WorkForce Software end-user (past and present) knowledge and experiences.

More than an annual conference, HCM E&N is also a great opportunity to meet, mingle and network with leaders, directors and managers from across Quebec and Ontario. Our members are experts looking to share their knowledge or individuals looking to expand their product knowledge.

Plus, there are NO REGISTRATION FEES or cost to participate.

On October 24th, we’re gathering once again to discuss the HCM topics that affect your operations. We’ll discuss and share challenges encountered during software implementation, highlight best practices and spotlight successes, plus a host of other topics that benefit our community.

Join us to become an active member of the HCM E&N Community.



About US


In 2005, many Canadian companies unfortunately felt that their realities were not properly represented at U.S. based SAP HCM events, which led to the Quebec and Ottawa ASUG chapters holding their own combined sessions on SAP HCM and Payroll. Word soon spread and starting in 2006, these local chapter meetings became an annual event, known as the ASUG HCM Canada Conference.

In 2013, the founding members of the group wanted to return to a more user-centric sharing environment and created the Human Capital Management Education and Networking (HCM E&N) group.

In 2016, HCM E&N decided to hold an annual conference, still focused on the end-user. The full day meeting, held in the Fall, focuses on HCM functionalities, cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors, in addition to payroll, and time and attendance. In fact, the HCM E&N conference was born from the addition of these last two elements.

We would like to pay special tribute to the previous members of the Organizing Committee. We honour their commitment in founding and helping to grow this group:

Marthe Perron, Debbie Rogers, Kim LaPierre, Catherine Maunder.

Patrick Lajoie, Business Analyst SAP L3 MAS


Sébastien Massicotte, Global CEO of IN-RGY and Main Sponsor of HCM-E&N

Event sponsors